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Horse & Human

Normally £495

  • Do you struggle to create beautiful equine images consistently?  
  • Ever had a creative block while on a photo shoot? 
  • Or simply run out of locations on a client’s yard?  

We have the answer! 

We've created a packed course that walks you from the preparation of your client, all the way through to delivering the images and the best presentation.  

We have also included a comprehensive step-by-step plan for structuring the perfect equine photo shoot. The shoot that your clients will rave about AND spend money on!  

You will learn the exact strategies that we've used to deliver world class equine photography images, over and over again, for paying clients. 

The Bonuses with Horse & Human course

Worth over £750!

What's covered the Horse & Human Course?

Module 1

Plan for Productivity

The key to photoshoot success? Preparation – particularly when you’re working with animals! In the first module, you’ll discover the tools you need for the job, the most effective ways to prepare your clients and their horses, and the essential elements you’ll rely on during your shoot.  

Module 2

...and Action!

Pro tested, client approved – learn our go-to secrets for structuring a flowing photoshoot that reflects your style of photography and your client’s unique needs. In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to make the most of your time behind the camera, maximising your time, your confidence – and your profit! 

Module 3

Strike a Pose

Lacking confidence when it comes to directing your models? Worried about producing clichéd or cheesy images? In this module, you’ll learn the twelve basic poses and how to adapt them to your needs – you’ll never be stuck for ideas again. 

Module 4

Location, Location, Location

Struggling with backgrounds? Learn to see the potential in even the most mundane of locations, develop your creative eye, and embrace the avant-garde for world-class shots wherever you go.

Module 5

Light up your Life

Bamboozled by unexpected cloud cover? Dazzling sunshine creating harsh shadows? Never fear - in module five, we’ll teach you how to make the most of the natural light you’re given for consistent, flattering images every time. 

Module 6

Shoot… and Score

When the shoot ends, the work is just beginning – but so is your chance to maximise your profits. We’ll show you how to create an efficient workflow, which allows you to tackle post-processing with ease, and we’ll share our insider tips for offering a high-end customer experience that will skyrocket your sales. 

The Horse

Normally £295

  • Are you curious about equine photography but want some help figuring it all out?  
  • Do you feel like you’re taking amazing images, but are disappointed with the results?  
  • Would you like the breakdown of the equipment, mindset, and tools to make this happen for you?

Well then, we have some good news!  

The Art of Equine Photography: The Horse has been designed to flawlessly answer these questions.

This incredibly comprehensive course is jam-packed with our first-ever lessons on shooting horses solo, perfect for creative portraiture, fine art series, and incredible editorial equine photography.  

Each module offers all the information and inspiration you’ll need to make the most of your equine photoshoots. On completion, you’ll be able to provide a comprehensive, high-quality service and – even more importantly – the most striking shots you’ve ever taken.

The Bonuses with The Horse course

Worth over £500!

What's covered The Horse Course?

Module 1

The Essentials

We'll start with the basics – your kit bag, and what you’ve got in it along with the essentials you can’t be without, and we’ll also be taking a closer look at the settings we shoot on for various situations. We will be looking at lenses, clothing, and camera settings. By the end of module one, you will have a complete understanding of the most important parts of getting started in equine photography. 

Module 2

The Horse

In module two we'll talk all about horses and their psychology. We will cover the most popular breeds, the different personalities, how to stay safe while on a shoot, and most importantly, how you can get the perfect shot. 

Module 3

The Plan

This module covers all things planning and storyboarding, helping you stay focused and avoid that horrible “what next?!” moment. We’ll also be showing you how to set goals for your business, and how doing so can help you achieve more than you ever realised you could.

Module 4

The Technical Stuff

This module is full of all the technical advice and information you could possibly need! We’ll be helping to demystify all things lighting, location, and posing, giving you a spectacularly well-stocked toolkit to take into your own shoots.

Module 5

The Shoot

In this module we will be talking about the shoot. You'll discover how to find your style, the best ways to structure your day, and how to boost your inspiration.  

Module 6

The Finishing Touches

You will discover how to choose your best photos. Then we will show you how to make seamless edits that enhance your images so that you can deliver beautiful, high-end photos that will delight your clients! 

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