Whether you're at the start of your photography career or you know it's time for an injection of motivation come and join us for 3 days of live online sessions on the 10th, 11th & 12th of March 2021 to propel your business forward and implement the work that will get you booking high quality clients.

If you're not seeing the results you want from your business or your images then this is the course for you. Refresh your knowledge base or start the foundations of the dream business.

This third lockdown has hit us all hard, now is the time to grab your business by the horns and storm forwards in this new climate. Clients are still booking and looking forward to a photographic experience so don't wait another minute.

This course will delve deep into designing a luxury brand and business that works for your lifestyle. We'll be getting you into the right mindset and answering those frequent questions about how to run a successful 5* equine photography business. 

This live 3 day course is a mix of business, photograph, editing and lifestyle development.


Join Emily & Hannah live on Zoom for 6 x 2hr sessions on 10th, 11th & 12th March 2021 You will have a chance to talk, contribute and discuss as we move through the modules. We'll be covering brand new content including: live critique and editing session, marketing post COVID-19, the full client experience breakdown, mindset coaching, lifestyle design and much more.








"Most of all Emily & Hannah helped my business thrive through the lockdowns, meaning that in-between the lockdowns I was driving all over the UK meeting and photographing my clients. Throughout our sessions I’ve never laughed so much. They are ‘Lucy Newson Photography’s’ best friend, and I love them to pieces. I could not recommend the Training Barn enough. And if any of you are on the fence about a Mentorship, please feel free to drop me a message and I will happily chat through my experience with you. I have found that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the Training Barn. I am forever grateful. And this is just the start of my story."



This course will be delivered live on Zoom and will be made up of 6 x 2hr Sessions. Each session will be recorded and you'll be able to access the recordings if you miss any or would simply like to re-visit the content.

The sessions will be interactive and together with Emily and Hannah you will create your very own roadmaps, blueprints and workflows to take away with you and implement straight away. 

We'll be covering...

Session 1: 9.30am to 11.30am - Design your life:-

  • Roadmap to personal and professional success
  • Creating your business blueprint
  • The power of choice. Knowing what to eliminate and what to nurture
  • Keeping your mindset in check for lifelong success

Session 2: 1pm to 3pm - The Full Experience:- 

  • Creating a 5* workflow and checklist
  • Email creation and management 
  • Carefully crafted touch points and timings

Session 3: 9.30am to 11.30am - The Shoot Sequence:-

  • A stress free structure, plan and execution roadmap
  • Key components of a successful shoot 
  • How to turn up as a £5K photographer
  • Knowing what to eliminate 

Session 4: 1pm to 3pm - Live Edit and Critique:-

  • The process of efficiently selecting the best images from a shoot
  • Curate the perfect collection 
  • Post production for sales success
  • Live Critique of selected images

Session 5: 9.30am to 11.30am - Pricing and Choosing the Right Products:-

  • Products for 5* clients
  • Pricing demystified for 5* clients
  • Presenting for 5* clients

Session 6: 1pm to 3pm - Marketing Post Covid:-

  • Whats your point of difference?
  • Crafting lifelong business relationships
  • Interactive brainstorm session 
  • Walk away with your marketing plan

Lesson 1

Design your Business & Mindset

Its imperative you come to your business with the right mindset. Emily and Hannah have often talked about getting your mindset into gear, in this course we're showing you the top mindset exercises that have helped us become better photographers, creatives and business owners. 

We'll also walk you through how to design the lifestyle you want.

Lesson 2

The Full Client Experience

Do you feel like you're preparing and guiding your clients through a 5* experience? 

Maybe you don't even know where to start or what a 5* experience looks like?

We'll walk you through the ENTIRE process. From picking up the phone to sending them an extra special gift for being the dream client.

Lesson 3

The Shoot Sequence

When you turn up to a client do you have a fool proof plan of action? 

Don't worry, we've got you. 

We have a tried and tested formula to guarantee success on our photo shoots. Whether the horse gives you 20 minutes or 3 hours, come and learn how to effectively structure your stress-free shoot and use the time to capture images that'll sell.

Lesson 4

Live Edit and Critique

Watch Hannah edit a session live. We'll be sharing a real life photo shoot, shot by Hannah and will walk you through how we select the images and edit them. You'll be able to ask your questions and see how we take your images to the next level.

Next will be the Live Critique. We'll ask those of you who reserve a live seat to enter your best image and we'll be picking a few to critique and edit.

Lesson 5

Pricing & Choosing The Right Products

It's a minefield when it comes to picking the perfect products for your dream client, together we will go through what top high end clients want to see on your price list and how to lay this out for them.

We've also put together a list of recommended suppliers and what to look for in a lab. Times have changed because of Brexit and Covid 19 so now more than ever it's important to get this right.

We'll also be covering virtual viewings while keeping the 5* service. 


Lesson 6


Our favourite session! Building a marketing plan is one of the best actions you can take for your business and is essential... but where to start.

In these tough times you need to nail your marketing. Whether it's using an influencer, local tack shop or running a competition we will cover our top suggestions and how to execute them post COVID-19.

The Masterclass of Equine Photography

This includes:

12 hours of live Zoom sessions over 3 days. 

We have included time for questions and discussions throughout these sessions so that this feels more like an in-person course.

You will have full access to the recorded sessions in a private membership area. 

Reserve my place £695 Reserve my place 6 x £125 payment plan

Session 1: Mindset & Lifestyle Design; Build the business of your dreams while feeling strong and confident.

Session 2: The Full Client Experience; We take you through each step and show you how we create a magical experience.

Session 3: Walk Through Photo Shoot; We have a tried and tested shoot sequence, we're going to share this with you.

Session 4: Edit & Critique; A live edit of a real shoot and a critique of some selected images you send in. 

Session 5: Products & Pricing; We uncover which products line up with a 5* client and where to find them. We'll also dig deep into pricing them. 

Session 6: Marketing The Business; with influencers, connections and creating the perfect viewing over Zoom and in person.


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